Wise Up: Change the law to end the mental health crisis in our classrooms

UPDATE: This action is now closed because the MPs have now been selected in the Private Members Bill Ballot. You can still support the campaign and recieve email updates by filling in this form: https://act.youngminds.org.uk/wise-up 


In the Spring, 10,000 of you signed our Wise Up campaign letter to Theresa May, calling on her to urgently rebalance the education system. You said, loud and clear, that the wellbeing of students is just as important as their exam results, and it is time that our education system reflected that.

Now we want to change the law to make this a reality – and we need your help.

Every year, MPs names are put into a ballot and chosen at random to propose a new law. This year’s ballot is happening this Thursday at 9am. If your MP is chosen, we want them to champion a new law to end the mental health crisis in our classrooms.

If we can find an MP to take it on, the Wellbeing In Schools Bill 2017 would change the education system to make the wellbeing of students a priority. That’s where you come in.

If your MP knows that this is very important to you, their constituent, they will be more likely to support our Bill if they are chosen in the ballot. So please send a message to your MP using the form on this page. It only takes a couple of minutes, and it could make all the difference.

To make it easy, we've already written an email for you – you’ll see it after you fill in your contact details. But we would encourage you to edit the message yourself if you have time to. In fact, the more personal you make it, the more likely your MP will take notice.