We need the Government to look #BeyondTomorrow and support young people's mental health

Right now, many of us are taking one day at a time, trying to get through the biggest health crisis that we’ve ever faced.

But for many young people, what happens now will have a lasting impact on their mental health, for years to come - whether that's because of traumatic experiences at home, the pressures of isolation, or a breakdown in the support that gives them hope. 

That's why we're calling on the Government to look #BeyondTomorrow and take action to prevent young people's mental health needs from escalating.

Sign our petition calling on them to take action to:

  1. Ensure that all young people and families who need immediate mental health support can get it, to prevent the pandemic from having long-term consequences for young people’s mental health. 
  2. Help schools and professionals to support young people with their mental health during and after the pandemic. 
  3. Commit to introducing additional support for young people’s mental health beyond the pandemic to tackle the anticipated rise in mental health needs.

Together we can ensure that the pandemic does not have a long-term, detrimental impact on young people's mental health. But the Government must look #BeyondTomorrow to make that happen.