Fund The Hubs

Take action for early mental health support. 

Hundreds of thousands of young people are struggling with their mental health – and too often they can’t get support when they first need it.

That’s why we are calling for a network of hubs across the country, which would provide early support for young people’s mental health. We want young people to be able to go to a hub without an appointment or a referral and get advice and support for their mental health and other issues that are affecting them.

Why we need you to take action.

Early support hubs already exist in some areas, and we want to build on these successful examples. We also need to ensure they have consistent, long-term funding. We're calling for this funding to be in addition to more investment in specialist NHS mental health services and in youth services, as well as better support in schools. 

So take action now by writing to your MP. We need to show that there is local support for hubs and we want your MP to write to the Prime Minister calling on the Government to #FundTheHubs.

How do I take the action?

We need you to tell us whether you would describe yourself as a young person, a parent, a teacher, someone who works in mental health/ with young people in another capacity, or someone who just really supports the campaign. This is because we have already written a draft letter to your MP from you. You are only able to choose one option to describe yourself. However you can edit the email if you would like to include any additional information.

Thank you so much for supporting the campaign! 

This is a joint campaign run by the Children and Young People’s Coalition on Mental Health, Centre for Mental Health, Mind, The Children’s Society, YoungMinds and Youth Access.

Please note: this action can only be taken if you live in England. We are aiming this action at English MPs, as health is a devolved issue.