Don’t let just one MP block a vital mental health law

Thankfully, after a lot of support from wonderful people like you, Seni's Law was passed through the House of Commons on 6th July. For more information on Seni's Law and our Always campaign, please visit 

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We saw with the Upskirting Bill how sometimes it only takes one MP to stop an important law from passing.
Next Friday 6 July, the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill, known as Seni’s Law, faces a crucial vote. And we need your help to make sure it is passed. 

Seni’s Law, if it passes, will limit the use of face-down restraint, isolation and other practices in mental health hospitals that can be harmful, undignified and sometimes even life-threatening. The Bill itself is named after Seni Lewis, a young black man who tragically died after being restrained in a mental health hospital, and this important Bill could save the lives of others like Seni. 
But, because of the way Parliament works, just one MP can stop the Bill from going through. Seni’s Law has already been held up by just one MP,  and is now on its last chance to pass through the House of Commons.

The only way to make sure the Bill isn't blocked again is to make sure 100 MPs are in Parliament on 6th July to vote it through. That’s why we need your help. 

Please send a message to your MP using the form on this page. It only takes a couple of minutes, and it could make all the difference.

To make it easy, we've already written an email for you which you’ll see after you fill in your contact details – we ask for your postcode so that we know who your MP is. 

If you or someone you know have experience of using mental health services, or of being restrained in those settings, please edit the email to tell your story. This will make it far more likely that your MP will take action.